Do your kids spend too much time on their Phones?

Would you like to see them more active? Completing Chores?

    GOYA-Move can help. Let's get kids off their apps!


Digital Health & Well-Being

GOYA-Move is an app that takes parental control a “Step Further”.  GOYA-Move teaches your kids about screen time moderation and accountability. Take the first step, by downloading our Digital Health & Well-Being App today!



National PTA

GOYA-Move has partnered with The National PTA in support of PTA’s Healthy Lifestyles Initiative, with the goal of hel... Read More

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Chores Dashboard

Our Parent Dashboard allows the parent to manage multiple children at a press of a button. Apps are restricted until chores are completed. 


A Step Goal

Set a daily or hourly step goal for your child. Pediatric research suggests a child between the ages of 8-15 years of age, should be taking 10 thousand steps a day. Apps are restricted until step goals are met. 

Auto Lock/Unlock

Select which apps get accessed when step goals are met ​


*iOS behavior is slightly different due to Apples guidelines. 



Homework hours, bedtime or even family dinners. Blackout time overrides the step goals & chores, to teach kids about moderation. 


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