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A message from a user... OUCH!

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Before you continue reading this message from one of our Genius App Managers Users, please know that we were very disturbed by how distance learning and SIP has effected famines and kids.. but, we are happy that our solution has been working for her;

A Message from a user:

It's a sigh of relief to hear weekly that I am not alone with my parenting struggles that Covid-19 has brought upon me.

I honestly thought I'd never see the day that my nearly perfect daughter would bring me struggles in life. "Eyes roll"... I know, I know, how naive of me to even consider such arrogance. She was the dream child though, honestly. She achieved straight A's without needing much help from either parent at all. Self sufficient kid at its best. She had a calm and patient demeanor who, dare I say, never talked back. We were practically best friends, that is until the month of May, 2020 came along. I never envied parents who chose to home school their children. This was never an option for me. The mandated social distancing enforced many new job titles upon me. I became a teacher, cook, dog sitter, mediator, detective, warden, house keeper and so on. You get the idea. My freedom from society was revoked and my desire for wine tasting increased. The more I was around my kids all day long, the more my palette desired some vino. (learned I'm not the only one). Five O'clock couldn't come fast enough. The hours during the day seemed to drag as we struggled to get school work completed. Distraction after distraction fought for my daughter's attention and robbed her of her enthusiasm for school. We began to fight as I felt inferior and helpless with both my parenting and teaching endeavors. As I tried just about everything to force my daughter to be excited about completing her school work, I simply failed. I daily sought a solution to aid my needs. Finally I was introduced to an app that was the perfect tool that I needed. Genius App Manager was exactly the help I needed to bring structure to my chaos. It was simple: Set a goal (school work) and then the reward (you choose). For us her reward was dance, private tumbling classes and time with friends. I'd set her goals on the app and she'd complete her work and it would get checked off through the app. This took some of the responsibility and frustration off of me and peace began to arise. Although most of my new job duties keep me on my toes and I still long for my wine time, the household maintains a peaceful atmosphere thanks to Genius App Manager. I'd recommend this to any parent whether they have their children at home for distance learning or simply need assistance with the structure of setting goals and rewarding their completion.

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