After checking this setting in his child’s phone, this father's reaction..

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Have you ever checked this setting in your child's phone phone? You might not believe what you’d find! This Genius App Manager dad checked the data usage in his child's phone and wrote us:

I was talking to a fellow dad at work, expressing my concern about my child being glued to his cell phone. It seemed as though every time I called him downstairs or walked into the house to see him sitting on the couch, he always had his

cell phone in his hand, streaming videos or posting on social media. My co-worker told me that I should check his data usage to see just how much data was actually being used.

Later that day, when I came home and asked to check something in his phone, my kid was reluctant it over. What would I find? Inappropriate behavior? Maybe a conversation I shouldn’t be reading? You can see the nervousness as the phone slowly was handed to me. “Relax buddy, I’m just curious how much time you actually spend on your phone.” As I went into his settings to check the data usage, you wouldn’t believe what I found - 1.6 terabytes of data being used!

Now to put that in perspective, I consider myself a moderate user of technology. I send text messages, check my social media posts here and there through the day and watch a funny video that might be sent to me. I decided to check my own data usage, and found I was using 6 gigabytes. I was blown away! That meant my child is using 10x the amount of data usage I use.

As a parent, my number one priority is my kid’s health. I started to think about how much time he spends outside playing compared to staying inside, glued to his phone. It was time to call a technology timeout and understand how technology affects his health and well-being, and how this was damaging his youth in different ways!

When I looked for a solution, I found numerous “parental control” apps. I was lost in an enigma of features, names, and premium memberships. I thought about taking his phone away and forcing him to go outside and play, but then realized that taking his phone away introduced many risks, such as not being able to track his location, the inability to call or message him to come home if I needed him to, and most importantly, taking away his capability to notify a first responder or family in case there was an emergency. After some research, I found an incredible app called Genius App Manager. Genius App Manager is different than a typical parental control app. Their goal isn’t to punish kids by blocking their apps for a period of time, but to teach kids about screen time moderation and accountability. I realized I didn’t need to know what sites he was on and how much time he was spending on certain apps; instead, I just wanted him to be a kid and get outside to play, just like I did at his age. Genius App Manager allowed me to set step goals for my child per day or per hour. With he app, I could block certain social media apps but keep his school-based apps, so that he could still manage school responsibilities. As a parent, I can easily manage, monitor, and adjust his goals from my own phone. I could even credit him steps for times when he was playing and didn’t have his device on him!

The Genius App Manager app was exactly what our house needed! We found that minimum step requirements turned into hours spent outside riding his bike, running around and even meeting new friends in our neighborhood. I invite you as a parent or guardian to check your child’s cell phone usage, then download the Genius App Manager app and see the difference.

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