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Are We As Parents Taking Our Kids Digital Health As Serious?

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

As a parent, watching the world react to the COVID-19 Pandemic has been very interesting and humbling experience. I often reflect back to the first moments where I started to feel the needvto prepare my house for a "lockdown". I of course, thought of my kids first. Getting the essentials just like everyone else to store in their cupboard, pantries and emergency supplies to get us through anything that might be thrown our way. So the question is, why didn't I feel like I should be as pro-active to my kids device usage time when I bought them their first phones? Pro-Active vs Re-Active.

During the last few days, we noticed an increase in app downloads and usage, it made me think, do we as parents take our kids "Digital Health" as serious and are we being pro-active in our kids Digital Health? The fact is, type 2 diabetes increases each year by about 5% in children. Obesity prevalence was 13.9% among 2-5 year-olds, 18.4% among 6-11-year-olds, and 20.6% among 12-19-year-olds. These numbers increase year after year. I can't stop to think of how many kids are attached to their phones with limited movement and exercise, especially with school being out for the rest of the year for some of us.

I as a parent, have been guilty of letting my kids have their free for all on their devices. It was easy, it was quiet and the thought of the stress caused by taking devices away simply wasn't worth it to me. That is how Genius App Manager came to be. A reward based fully automated Screen Time Management tool that lets the kids keep their phones in their hands while completing a step goal (exercise) and/or chores to moderate screen time. A pro-active approach to get my kids moving, completing chores and removing Digital Distractions in the classroom.

Why are we as parents waiting until our children's health is compromised by a sedentary lifestyle because it's "easier" for us? At what point do we as parents dive in and think about the future of our kids and their health. If we as a world do not get pre-active in a solution for our kids health with a balance of movement/exercise/diet/fun than we might have another epidemic problem in our own household.

Lets connect and network. I would love to hear your comments and solutions that you might have implemented in your household. has a topic forum setup just for you parents to chime in and share.

Thank you

Isaac Gredinberg


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