Before you give your kids a new phone for the holidays...

It's that time of the year again. A time where kids are eager to get their new devices. For us parents, we see phones as a tool to communicate with our kids, track their locations and offer them a fun tool to play games and interact with their friends.

What we do not realize is, how much we will actually lose our kids once those new devices hit their hands. Social Media, games, friends and more will slowly start to dominate your child's life. These new distractions will slowly take away from your child's playtime, exercise, chores, homework time and even sleep.

There are many Parental Control apps out there that you can choose from, but the one parents choose over the rest is Genius App Manager. Why? simple, because we are the only tool on the market that is reward based. Children do not feel punished and parents put a technology timeout from digital distractions. It's easy to use and set. Whether its exercise, chores, tasks, sleep or homework time,. kids are rewarded with screen time for accomplishing their tasks and never feel punished.

We live in a world where we as parents are reactive to cell phone addiction,

let's be proactive instead.

Before you just hand your kids their new device, preload the Genius Screen Lock tool on their devices and curb the Digital Distractions before they happen.

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