Confessions From The Founder of Genius App Manager

I have to admit, I run a tight ship when it comes to parenting in my own house. Shelter in place has me spending more time with my kids than I ever have before. Being in the house pretty much all day, means there is more upkeep, more electricity used, more confined quarters and a little more details that I get to observe about my children.

Stress runs a little higher from the messes left around. Shoes not put away, lights left on, dishes in the sink, not to mention in random areas of the house. Who can feel my pain and relate?

Cell phone distractions in my house is really big! I mean isn't it for everyone else as well? Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc.. has kids hooked!


Set some tasks, set some sep goals and VUALA! All of a sudden, I hear footsteps on the second floor.. I see dishes start to come down, I hear water running in the sink and I can hear my elliptical machine working. I also start getting alerts that a chore completion notification has come in! I know I'm the founder and President of this company, but Im also a big fan! IT REALLY WORKS! Theres no fuss, theres no talking back, theres no slamming doors.. Its a parent(s) and their child teaching them about Screen Time Moderation & Accountability. All in the name of Digital Health.

I love hearing success stories from our users. PLEASE keep them coming my way! In the last few months, we have seen so many new accounts setup and being used. Im proud to be the footprint of change in how parents and kids work with technology.

Thank You

Isaac Gredinberg


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