Fully Automated Kids Task Tracking - Why You Should Be Using Genius App Manager.

Updated: May 14, 2020

Shelter in place has got kids and parents both going a little stir crazy. I know in my household, device usage has gone up, both from online schooling, but also for my kids to socialize with other kids and occupy time.

We as a company have always stood behind, "technology is good" but this is the part where we also emphasize "With moderation". I want to talk to you parents today about how using Genius App Manager to setup a fully automated day of Screen Time Moderation can be a very beneficial tool to keep your kids on track with completing tasks, chores and also get some exercise in, all while letting the kids keep the phones in their hands and letting them be in charge of their Screen Time Usage

Let's talk about setting up a full day for your kid(s) and how easy it is.

1. Set School Time Hours - These are the times that your child should be doing their online schooling between certain hours. This acts as a blackout, disabling Digital Distractions during School hours

2. Set Chores/Tasks - These are chores and tasks that are measurable and can be accomplished. Whether it's doing dishes, cleaning room or any other tasks that you as a parent may want your child to complete before they jump back on social media, games and videos.

3. Set a Step Goal - Whether its hourly or daily, set a accomplishable Step Goal that your child can reach per hour. In the case of 10,000 steps a day, broken down to a 24 hour day, thats only 416 steps per hour. Once those step goals are met, their favorite apps are now unblocked to use. Blocking is reestablished on the top of the next hour. Very accomplishable.

4 Set a Blackout Time - We like this for bedtime. Even though there technically might not be a physical school to attend tomorrow, sleep is a major factor in your kids health. Digital Distractions happen often when the kids are out of site. Kids love to use the phone for music and an alarm, so this is another beneficial tool to allow kids to have the necessities without the distractions.

Your kid's day is now fully automated, hands off and allows the kids screen time to be moderated, but keeping them in control and holding them accountable for their day.

I hope this tool works for you in your household as well as it has in mine.

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Isaac Gredinberg


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