Genius to offer 2 days a week of free fitness for your kids!


Starting Monday April 6th at 2:00PST, Genius App Manager will be providing a free 30-45 min fitness training for our registered users kids and parents. Each week there will be 2 sessions on Monday and Wed at 2:00 PST Via Zoom Conference. This will last the entire month of April.

Please email to register your child to our sessions. Use "Kids Training" in the subject line and we will reply with the Zoom Class link to join in. The classes promise to be fun, healthy and get your kids moving during Shelter in Place.

Keep the phones in their hands so they can get they step credits for screen time!

All training will be done with no equipment other than normal household objects (chair, Couch etc.) This is open to kids and parents of all ages and fitness levels.

We look forward to interacting with you all. This is a free service to all our registered users! Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank You

Isaac Gredinberg


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