Getting Outside & Stepping Is Still A Thing

The scares and Danger concerning around the Covid-19 Corona Virus has lots of families concerned and scared. Local Governments have established a "Shelter In Place" Policy allowing families to get to an essential business like a grocery store ok but to practice "Social Distancing"

Even with the threat of the virus being passed around, it is also mentioned that we are also still allowed to exercise and go for walks while practicing Social Distancing. Going on a walk around your neighborhood with your kids, or even riding bikes is still ok and your body still needs it! Pediatricians recommend that a child between the ages or 6 and 18 needs 10,000 steps a day to maintain a healthy fit lifestyle. We still need to make sure that we practice a healthy lifestyle but just with a little more caution while out and about.

Along with our Bi-Weekly online fitness routines that we conduct, We are encouraging parents and kids to get out and move and log those steps. There is still plenty we can all do daily to keep our hearts strong, lungs breathing fresh air and not confine to a sedentary lifestyle. Even during times like this.

Genius App Manager is a tool for parents that took Parental Control a "Step Further". No More Digital Distractions!

Set those Genius App Manager steps for your kids, set some tasks and chores and keep your kids healthy!

We are always here for tips and advice in our family oriented parent forum

Stay Healthy World!

Isaac Gredinberg

President / Founder

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