I Told My Kid to Go Outside & Play (This Is Not What I Meant)

With summer in place and the stress of school off the table, I am now ever so more focused on my kid's at home. Where we live, Shelter In Place is still a thing and our offices are still not open. Working from home, allows me to have a little better insight on my kids activities and daily habits.

I swear, life has changed since they received their phones. The amount of Social Media interaction, games and overall distraction from being a kid has really entered my home and harder than I thought. I thought I did it all right as a parent. I run a tight ship and encourage exercise, sports and family time from an early age, but I couldn't win the battle against technology. Of course with all the bad, comes all the good as well. I can locate my child, communicate with them anytime and even use the phone as a tool to encourage , reward for positive reinforcement and a little entertainment for downtime is ok as well.

This is where Genius App Manager comes in. A simple tool that gets loaded into the parent phone and the child phone, which allows me to create a goal of exercise (steps) and/or tasks like chores to motivate my kids to teach them about Screen Time Moderation and also accountability. When I set the goals, the apps on their phones are blocked until completed. Fully Automated and REALLY easy. My child never feels punished, we can still benefit from the positives that the phone offers. EVERYONE IS A WINNER

Lets face it, we as parents all have the problem of Screen Time Addiction, and there is nothing wrong with a little tool for parents. Check out the app on both app stores

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