Is the iPad/Tablet/Phone Also the Babysitter?

Lets face it, we as adults all need to work and get things accomplished. With times like these, when the kids are sheltered in place at home with the family, its often easy to just throw a device in their hands to keep your kids occupied so you can get your tasks accomplished, but what are you really accomplishing? Sure they are quiet, sure they might be playing an "educational" game, but at the same time, there might be some more productive ways of keeping the children busy and focused on their health as well... a "win win" as we like to say for all of us.

Technology-dependent children may also lose their initiative. If, when children get bored, cranky, or bothersome, their parents immediately give them their iPhone, the children are deprived of the opportunity to ask themselves how they might get out of their stimulus-deprived doldrums on their own.If you’re going to allow your child to use technology in a parenting pinch, at least make their screen time count. Be deliberate about the apps and websites they visit and don’t let them browse aimlessly or randomly select their own activities. Check out Genius App Manager as a tool to motivate your kids to move, play, complete tasks and chores to earn Screen Time! has been the number 1 choice of Screen Time Management tool for parents for the past 3 years. The fully automated reward based Screen Time solution never makes kids feel punished and is a great motivation to keep kids moving and healthy in this digital age. Genius App Manager has also provided a parent forum for parents to get together and share ideas with one another. It takes a village and Genius is here to help

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Isaac Gredinberg


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