Just Because We Are In, Doesn't Mean We Can't Exercise

As a parent myself, my kids are always my number 1 priority. Whether they are at school or at home, after school or on vacation, their health and safety is always top of my list. This week we started with our COVID-19 closure of schools which keeps my kids home, however that doesn't mean a free for all for electronics and to bum around the house. Chores still need to be accomplished and of course keeping active and healthy as well. Our household got creative and came up with a plan, of course integrating our Genius App

Manager to the daily routine is starting out to be a very easy method of keeping my kids moving! As the President and Founder of Genius App Manager, I am going to dedicate each day during this COVID-19 dilemma to give each of you parents tips and suggestion of what each of you can do to keep your kids healthy and moving whether indoors or outside. We have setup a FORUM to network our parents together and to work together as we all share the common interest in keeping our kids healthy and safe. I look forward to hearing from each of you in our forum of tips and suggestions that you all are doing in your house as we are all in this together.

Thank You

Isaac Gredinberg


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