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Keeping Kids Active and Healthy During "Home" Time

Another week passes as we continue to follow the Shelter In Place orders sanctioned by your local cities and/or State. Most kids are on on Spring Break currently and we as parents are looking for ways to keep their minds active, their bodies moving and keeping our kids focused on tasks.

Its very easy for us to turn our heads and let our children get away of being hidden in their rooms with their devices to entertain themselves. We all need our space, but we all need our health and stimulation as well. Assigning kids task daily, as well with some motivation to exercise is a key component in life today. Even with smaller tasks that might not get the best results, the best results are to motivate your kids to move, get in the habit of accomplishing goals and offer a reward of screen time for doing so. Today, I had my child wash my car. I know it won't be the quality of work that I would expect from a professional, but the the quality of his health of being outside working and the sense of accomplishment will be more rewarding. I might even get out there with him and participate to spend some quality time with my child. Gadgets and distractions away.

Like everyone else, we all look for activities and ways to easily implement small amounts of health and movement and goals for our kids that can be achieved. Visit our Parent Forum at to participate in conversations with other parents and bounce ideas off one another.

I'll let you all know how my car wash turned out :)


Isaac Gredinberg


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