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Parental Control Tools Don't Work.. LEVERAGE does!

Here is why; When parenting our children, we as parents rely on different methods and techniques to get our children to cooperate. Let's face it, there is no manual on how to raise kids. We look for tools, advice from other parents, or experiment with technics to get the job done.

We at Genius app Manager talk to hundreds of parents across the country and we listen to what they have to say. One common ground that the majority of parents seem to talk about is LEVERAGE. "If you don't this.. then you don't get that" "If you complete this.. then you get to" LEVERAGE is the key component that children seem to follow. Reward based solutions.

If I complete my school work for the day, then I get to go get ice cream.

If I finish my chores, I get screen time on my phone.

If I pass my math test then I get a new toy.

If I complete X amount of steps in a hour, I get access to my favorite games and social media.

Genius App Manager believes that LEVERAGE is the key component on rewarding your child with positive behaviors. Whether it's SCHOOL TIME, STEPS and Playing or finishing CHORES, we are the only tool out there for parents that combine Task Management, Fitness tracking, School Focus and Sleep time with LEVERAGE.

Parental Control apps only shut down apps from __:__ to __:__

LEVERAGE puts the ball in your kids court to get their jobs done.

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