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School out for summer? Now what?

My kids are now officially done with school! Like the rest of you, with kids in school, ended the year with Digital Schooling. Not really sure what the 2021 school year will look like, I guess we just have to sit tight and watch.

Summer is usually a great time for kids to start attending camps, be social with friends all day and maybe even earn some extra money around the neighborhood with chores and side jobs. With Covid-19 and all the restrictions still in place, we as all parents will be struggling with device OVER-usage. It is now more important than ever that we keep our kids healthy, busy, on point and focused. We need to be sure that even in the house or in your yards, that kids are still motivated to play.

Genius App Manager is a perfect tool for parents to be able to keep kids Screen Time moderated while teaching them about accountability. A healthy conversation can be started about how many steps and what types of chores would be fair around the house before the excessive use of Screen Time has begun. Healthier kids are happier kids. They just need that little motivation to get out and play and move. You'd be shocked how much fun they would be having and continue to move and play.

Steps, Chores and Blackout features in the Genius App Manager are the perfect solution for parents!

We are always here to answer any questions or give any suggestions that you might need. We are the experts in Digital Health & Well Being for your kids. Email me anytime!

Thank you!

Isaac Gredinberg


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