The Solution to the Activity Problem

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

There have been some worrisome findings in recent studies regarding children and screen time. In one longitudinal study funded by the National Institute of Health, in which there were guideline recommendations, only 51% of participants met the sleep recommendation, 37% met screen time, and only 18% met the physical activity recommendation. 71% participants met at least one recommendation, whereas just 5% of participants met all three recommendations. You can find more on this study here.

Beyond this, studies beginning in the 1980’s have linked screen time and obesity in children (and adults). Unfortunately, the number of screens children have access to has increased tenfold. One of the biggest documented causes of obesity in children in both developed and developing countries is screen time. Read more here.

Genius App Manager is the solution to these problems. Genius App Manager encourages physical activity through setting step goals to earn screen time. Increased physical activity is linked to better cognition and better sleep. We all want the children we love to be healthy. Take the first step with Genius App Manager. Get Off Your Apps and… Move!

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