Warning! DO NOT install that Parental Control App!

So you're tired of your kids spending too much time on their devices. There is an epidemic problem happening around the world; Kids are glued to their cell phones all day long. instead of being outside playing, completing chores, doing school work and even sleeping, they are stuck inside on their phones. You as a parent have decided "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH", Like many other parents, you head to the information super highway, check out the hundreds of Parental Control tools out on the market to find the one right for your family.

In this article, we would like you as a parent to be informed of what happens when you actually download a Parental Control App, what to look for, and why.

Lets start with Parental Control Apps in general. Parental Control Apps are designed to manage your kids time online, on a certain app or block the ability to access apps or websites during a set timeframe. Think of it as a corporation handing you a cell phone at work and controlling what you can and cannot do with the device. This entire process is called MDM (Mobile Device Management). Its the ability of one phone (parent phone) to be able to control and/or monitor another phone (child's phone). When you download that Parental Control App, you have now granted access for that company to see and access all your data on your device and your child's device. That data is stored, used or sold to companies to thrive off your information. Sound intrusive? It is! VERY! Privacy should be a big concern for parent's who use these apps. You put your child's information, their phone actions and habits, including their location open to see.

We at Genius Screen Lock are proud to provide the first and only none MDM solution for Screen Time Management. We as a company do not believe in collecting any data from you or your child and do not thrive on your data to make our business run. Our solution is the safest on the market and trusted by thousands and thousands of parents across the world. That is not the only process we do different though. Genius believes in a reward based solution to where kids can earn their Screen Time by completing chores, exercise, tasks and even homework before they can access their online activities. There are tools that include blackout times for sleep, family dinners and more. Set a step goal for your child and online access to social media, games etc are blocked until the step goal is completed. Set a chore or task for your child, the same access is blocked until the chores/tasks are completed. Digital Distractions during school time? Our app has a school time feature that blocks access to the distractions during school hours. We have you covered with what you need.

Genius Screen Lock is available for both iOS and Android devices and even works with both in a mixed household environment.

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