We care about our kids, we also care about yours..

So here's the deal: social media is an addictive drug and yet some parents can't see that. Social media games have made the engagement of our kid’s brains so overwhelming that it has taken over their lives.  Our day in age that we are living in today, has made a cell phone  such a necessity in our lives, that our children can't put them down. Every beep and every notification has made it  so that they must open their screens to be updated as quickly as possible with whatever is awaiting them. This is an addiction!! We care about protecting our kids, however, we used to monitor their activity more closely, we used to be involved in their school with more intensity, we used to prioritize playing outside more frequently and stimulate their brains through life scenarios and teach them how to navigate through life in the real world. To a very large degree that seems to have disappeared lately, especially with imposed distance learning.  Children are getting electronic devices earlier and earlier in  age. Kids as young as 6 (sometimes younger) are being handed their own devices to be exposed into media that their developing minds might not be able to handle yet. They have a device that is now distracting them from learning whether at home or school. They have a device that now distracts them from completing household chores. They now have a device that has interrupted physical play and encourages a sedentary lifestyle. They now have a device that has put childhood development into the backseat. Billions of dollars are spent on how to keep your child engaged online to keep them addicted. Now try taking your child's phone away and see the reaction. It can be as severe at times as taking crack away from an addict. The resistance, the anger and the rebuttal that this may cause can open your eyes to what kind of addiction we are talking about.

Have we failed as parents to allow this? Of course not, but, there are many things we can do to help. We as a company, have come up with tools for parents to help be a footprint in changing how kids, parents and teachers deal with technology. Genius App Manager took parental  control a "step further". Parental Control helps parents monitor and provide data for how much time is spent on each distraction and limit times spent, but is this really what we need? We as a company care about our own kids' health both physically and digitally, which is why we are the first and only tool for parents that integrate parental control functionality and tied parental control with task management and steps. Time spent on the devices is part of the problem, but actually getting kids to move, complete chores and focus on their learning environment is the top of the list for us. As parents can relate, this is the biggest struggle we carry as parents with our kids and their devices. Our Digital Distraction tools rewards kids with screen time when steps are completed, chores are accomplished and school is over. Digital Distractions, whether it's from games or social media can be a hard habit to break. Our tool allows the child to keep their devices in their hands and teach them about moderation and accountability. Reward your kids for helping with chores; reward with screen time once some physical play has been completed. We are here to help! We are the experts in digital distractions in the home and school.

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