Your kid's school is moving to Distance learning, READ THIS FIRST!

Your Kid’s School is saying Distance learning, now let’s talk about what that really means,

With cell phone distractions being an epidemic problem within schools, P-Ink Ventures Inc created a new enterprise solution for schools, called “School-Time,” which curbs digital distractions in the classroom. Schools can now keep kids more focused on learning by disabling games & social media apps during school hours while on campus. School-Time is a robust software solution that sits on the IT infrastructure of the school allowing kids to keep their devices in case needed for emergency situations. Additionally, the location tracking feature reports the child’s attendance upon entering campus and notifying both the school and parents when a student leaves campus. “Especially in this day and age, we know that technology plays a big role in our kids’ lives,” P-Ink Ventures CEO Isaac Gredinberg says. “We wanted to create a tool that helps kids focus on their education without just taking their devices away. Digital Distractions are a real problem during learning.  With the new various distance learning structures being put in place, parents, while still working can help keep their kids focused at home while at work. “Our vision is for the School-Time solution to come pre-installed on school-based devices such as tablets and laptops that are being assigned by the schools to kids. “Giving kids access to internet-based distractions can really be damaging to a child while they are being educated.” Says Gredinberg.

School-Time allows children to keep their devices on them in schools for:

  • Emergency situations

  • Contacting first responders

  • Contacting parents

  • Location tracking by parents

With the Coronavirus pandemic looming, parents may be concerned about how to keep their children focused on their online classes with numerous schools being closed this fall. Even if their child’s school remains closed this fall, distance learning classes will continue, parents can use the app while the child is at home to ensure total focus on their education. P-Ink Venture’s Genius App Manager also includes “School Time Light” within the consumer-based Screen Time app. With new distance learning protocols being announced, Isaac Gredinberg says “we are looking to give parents more control over their children’s technology as parents assume more responsibility for educating their students at home” There are many other features within the consumer based app as well, like motivating kids to exercise/play, complete chores/tasks as well as blackout features for bedtime, homework time and even dinner time

In essence, School-Time is a powerful tool to help parents and teachers keep kids focused on education, especially during these testing times where children are thrown into a new school setting. School-Time allows them to focus on their education without interruption.

For more information about School-Time, powered by Genius App Manager, visit: &

Genius App Manager for parents can be downloaded in the Google Play and iOS app store:

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