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Your Kid, Their Device & Tantrums! You know We're Right!

Every parent experiences it with their child, no matter if your child is 6 or 17, kids are glued to their devices ALL DAY LONG... Why?

Games, Social Media, Chatting, Camera, Video, flashlights, music.. The phone is the MOST POWERFUL tool a child can hold. Access to any information anytime, anywhere! News, Sports, what their friends are doing, where their friend are, playing games, posting a funny pictures, sharing something that is interesting, calling a contact, they literally have EVERYTHING they could possibly want, in their pocket. The Cell Phone is the Swiss Army Knife of life for a kid.

Now try taking that away. Easy? hahah YA RIGHT!! The moment you ask your child to hand over the device, its like taking their lifeline away, and for what? To go play? to complete chores? do homework? Sleep? Dinner with family? Let's all face it and agree, taking the device away is punishment and there will be a tantrum thrown when that happens. So whats the solution?

Easy, our tool allows the parent to really be in control with the remote being right in the parent device. Easily reward your child with Screen Time when they complete some steps (exercise) or Tasks (chores, homework) Set a agree upon bedtime, Dinner time or just even just a simple timeout and the Digital Distractions are all gone. IT's literally really that simple. The dashboard is very simple to use and you can even still communicate with your child when the restrictions are in place.

The app is free to download and you get a "School-Time" time blocker for free, try the steps, chores and blackouts for free and its only $1.99 a month after the free trial when you see how well your child responds. Small price to pay for everyones sanity and health :)

Our Studies and research has shown that adding a simple to use task and step manager for the kids is the most positive way to get a child to complete what a parent asks for without throwing a tantrum. Easily teaching their children about screen time moderation and accountability, without the child ever feeling punished. There's a reason that we see hundreds of parents downloading the app daily and adding the task and chore manager.

Check it out for yourself!

Would love your feedback!

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