Q. Which phone does the app get loaded on?

A. The Genius App Manager App gets downloaded and installed on both the parent device and the Child(s) device

Q. Login vs Sign In, which device first?

A. You can create the account from either the parent phone or the child phone.  Just use the same email address & password to sign into all the phones that you would like linked together. Once signed in, you will be able to assign each phone as a parent or child. 

Q. I installed the app, how do I get my child's name to appear?

A. once you finished the installation of the app on the parent phone, login on your child(s) phone with the same email and password. Once the on boarding process is complete, your Childs name that you chose will automatically appear on your parent phone. Sometimes you have to back out of the app and open it back up to appear depending on how fast your network is. 

Q. Red ! next to one of my Childs name on the parent phone

A. The red ! means that the subscription plan you payed for doesn't cover all the children on your list. Simply update the subscription for the amount of children you have.

Q. How do I delete a child (iOS)

A. On your parent device where you can see your child's name, swipe left, click delete

Q. How do I cancel my subscription?

A. For iOS, exit Genius App Manager and: Settings - Apple ID - Itunes/App Store - Click on your Apple ID - View Apple ID - Subscriptions

For Android: Open Google Play Store - Subscriptions - Select Genius App Manager - Cancel

Q. On my Android device, do I need to add anything to see my Childs steps?

A. On the child's device, Google Fit must be installed. On some devices it comes preloaded, otherwise it must be loaded as instructed in the on boarding of the child's device. 

Q. On my Android device, the apps are not blocking and Im not seeing my child's steps

A. On the parent device, its commonly overlooked to make sure that the accessibility of Genius App Manager must be toggled on. If you missed this during your install, simply goto the accessibility settings in the settings of your phone and turn Genius App Manager on. 

Q. How many steps should I set for my child?

A. Every child is different and some kids are more active than others. The American Academy Of Pediatrics recommends that children between the ages of 6-16 take at least 10,000 steps a day to be healthy


A. To make step goals more obtainable for kids, we added a Hourly Step Goal for kids that breaks down the total number of steps in their goals by the time you set for them to complete the steps. Once the hourly goal is met, the apps unblock for the remainder of the hour. On the top of the hour the apps reblock, keeping your kids active through out the day. 

Q. How do I add a chore for my child (iOS)?

A. In the upper right hand corner of the Chores tab, there is a + button. This button lets you add chores to your list. Toggling the chore sends your child a notification that there are chores to be done and that their apps are restricted untill the chores are complete. 

Q. How do I assign a chore for my child (iOS)

A. Just toggle the chore on. It will automatically be sent

Q. Does Blackout time override steps and chores (iOS)

A. Yes. Blackout overrides both steps and chores. 

Q. My child ran and played without his phone, how do I credit him steps for his movement?

A. On the child progress screen where you can see your kids steps, there an option there to add/credit steps. Simply enter the password and enter the amount of steps you would like to credit your child. 

Q. Do I have to buy a separate subscription for me and my wife?

A. With Genius App Manager, your only paying per child. Parents, Grandparents, babysitters.. all free and will sync together with your email and password login

Q. Do I have to worry about any privacy issues with MDM like the other Parental Control Apps?

A.  Genius App Manager does not use MDM like the other parental control apps. We believe in your privacy and not sharing your data. Our patent pending technology is safer than others out there. Rest assured your data and your childrens data will not be shared or sold.